Rubber Belting for Cable Protection Systems


Coverplate is a cable protection system designed for dock, shipping, and material handling applications. Made from durable rubber, fabric, and metal plies, Coverplate lies over a cast channel of Gantry Crane systems. The belt is fastened to the dock along one entire length, while the opposite side is able to rise and fall freely as the cable guide moves along its axis. When flat, Coverplate offers full protection of the cable channel from debris and spillage, while permitting cross dock vehicle traffic.

Benefits of Coverplate System-


  1. Little to no maintenance
  2. No noise
  3. Full Cable Protection
  4. No limitations on operating speed
  5. Long-life
  6. Keeps cable trough free of debris
  7. No Load restrictions

Hinged Plate System:

  1. Loud
  2. Rust/Corrode
  3. Weight restrictions
  4. Slow operating speed
  5. Poor cable protection
  6. Requires routine maintenance
  7. Interference with cable reel systems


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