Deboningroll Belts

Endless Belts for Mechanical Separators

The Deboningroll belt is the number one replacement belt in the industry and can also be found as original equipment on the world’s leading machine manufacturers: BAADER, SepaMatic, Bibun

Belt Type: Deboningroll

This FDA approved, high abrasion and tearing reistance belt is used in the Meat, Poultry and Fish processing industries. It can be found in Dairy, Fruit, and Juice industries.

Since 1987 Deboningroll belts have been successfully distributed in the US under the approval of the USDA1. Based on FDA testing procedures, as detailed on Sec.177.2600, sub clause 4.4′(e) and 4.4′(f).

Technical Specifications of Deboningroll Belts

Rubber CompoundNatural
No. of plies3
Total Thickness1226mm2
Shore A Hardness70.0
Profile SP 102Rice grain pattern
EdgesFully Covered

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