Our Rubber Belts

With over 50 years of manufacturing machine belts, Rainbow Rubber & Belts is the industrial machine belting supplier you need for all your plastic and rubber belts in North America.

No matter your industry, Rainbow Rubber & Plastics can provide tailored solutions for you. Between conveyor belting, extrusion belts, silicone membranes, wide sander belts, and everything in between, we can deliver any custom rubber manufacturing solutions you need.

With our highly durable machine belts, anything is possible. Here are a few of our manufacturing solutions.

Deboning machine functioning with rubber belts

Deboning Belts

USDA approved meat processing belts

Extruder with rubber belt

Extrusion Belts

High quality rubber belts for machinery used in extruding

carrot harvesting machine with rubber belt

Harvest Belts

Long-lasting food conveyor belts used in harvesting

Moviroll in a warehouse - Powered electric roll pusher

Moviroll Roll & Car Pusher

battery-driven forklift alternative for easy movement

tubewinder roll

Tube Belts

High grip and abrasion resistance machine belts

woodworking machine with wide sander belt. belt sander for wood.

Woodworking Belts

Wide sanding belts and endless V-belts for woodworking

Rubber and silicone membranes for wood veneer made by Rainbow Rubber & Plastics

Silicon/Rubber Membrane

Quality membranes for the production of wood veneer

wire cap - heat shrink caps manufactured by Rainbow Rubber & Plastics

Wire End Caps

Twist wire caps and Shrink end caps

shipping conveyor belt

Conveyor Belts

Customized conveyor belt manufacturing

LiftGrip rubber Belts

LiftGrip Belts

Airport baggage conveyor belt
designed for efficient loading

bowling belt made by Rainbow Rubber & Plastics - custom conveyor belt solutions

Custom Belting Solutions

Custom machine belts for all types of machinery

pasting machines are used in battery manufacturing and are designed to apply paste on the grids

Seamless Belts

Durable and endless belting for the battery industry

Our promise

For over 50 years, Rainbow Rubber & Plastics has been devoted to providing custom rubber manufacturing solutions and industrial machine belting. Our company is capable of solving any manufacturing and technical in-plant problems related to conveyor belts, wide belt sanders, deboning belts, moving belts, and more.

Not only are we able to tailor industrial machine belting solutions to your very own manufacturing needs, but Rainbow Rubber & Plastics has also been focusing on delivering only the highest quality machinery belts. Our truly endless belts are proof of that dedication. Our seamless technology makes them significantly more resistant than classic rubber belts and ensures smooth operation throughout your industrial manufacturing process.

Our diversified rubber belt manufacturing solutions are adaptable for multiple industries, namely the woodworking & paper industry, food processing, extruding, entertainment, and so much more. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you.