Our Industrial Belts

No matter your industry, Rainbow Rubber & Plastics has the perfect rubber belting solutions for you. Between conveyor belting, extrusion belts, silicone membranes, wide sander belts, and everything in between, we can deliver any custom rubber belt you need.

With our custom rubber belts, anything is possible. Here are a few of our belting solutions.

Our promise

For over 50 years, Rainbow Rubber & Plastics has been devoted to providing custom belting solutions and machinery belts, capable of solving any industrial manufacturing and technical in-plant problems related to conveyor belts, wide belt sanders, deboning belts, and more.

Not only are we able to tailor machinery belts to your very own manufacturing needs, but Rainbow Rubber & Plastics has also been focusing on delivering only the highest quality of industrial belts. Our truly endless belts are proof of that dedication. Our seamless technology makes them significantly more resistant than classic rubber belts and ensures smooth operation throughout your industrial manufacturing process.

Our diversified industrial rubber belt manufacturing solutions are adaptable for multiple industries, namely the woodworking & paper industry, food processing, extruding, entertainment, and so much more. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you.