Conveyor Belts Manufacturing

A rubber conveyor belt is an inexpensive and simple method to transport products from place to place. Rainbow Rubber & Plastics manufactures industrial conveyor belting systems customized to your needs and designed to effectively move a variety of products for long lengths with a single drive.

Using only high-quality materials, our rubber conveyor belt solutions are also a great option for moving products through elevations and are used in multiple industries.

Rainbow Rubber & Plastics – Rubber Conveyor Belt Manufacturers

As a trusted factory conveyor belt manufacturer with 30+ years of experience, Rainbow Rubber & Plastics specializes in Truly Endless belting, removing the seams and splices in rubber roller conveyor machines, which helps reduce factory failures.

Whether you need a simple conveyor belt replacement or need help engineering your next conveyor belt, you can count on our team.

industrial conveyor belt

Custom Rubber Conveyor Belt Solutions

We have rubber belts for every size and application.

We supply seamless rubber conveyor belts with excellent tensile strength and wear resistance. All of our rubber belts are made to meet or exceed OEM specs and last for a very long time.

Our varied types of belting solutions are adaptable to your specific needs. Whether you need a food conveyor belt, a portable conveyor belt, or even a wheel conveyor belt.

Conveyor Belt Applications

Looking to implement conveyor belts to improve your process? We can help. No matter how you plan on using our rubber conveyor belt, our manufaturing processes enable us to make it fully customizable to your needs.

Our most popular conveyor belt applications:

Where our Conveyor Belts Work:

Warehousing & Distribution
Order Fulfillment
Government Military & Agency
Parcel Handling
Cabinetry & Furniture
Food & Beverage