Deboning & Food Belts

Higher Infeed Rates and Higher Yields for 25 Years

When it comes to meat processing, Rainbow Rubber & Plastics is the number one rubber belting manufacturer in the industry for meat processing equipment including deboning, desinewing, and mechanical separator machines. Our food belts are:

High-quality rubber
Highly resistant and durable
Customized to your specific needs
Available throughout the USA & Canada

Not only Rainbow Rubber & Belts supplies the machine belts you need for your meat processing machine, they also help optimize process efficiency and yield.

Our single-piece construction produces high-quality food grade conveyor belt systems without seam or splice to fail, offering high wear and abrasion resistance in meat processing machines such as deboning machines.

This makes our rubber belts more resistant and ensures uninterrupted meat processing and deboning. Our food belts are commonly used for meat processing equipment such as:

  • Skinning machines
  • Meat separator
  • Fish deboning machine
  • Leg splitting machines
  • Industrial poultry deboning
  • Fish processing
  • Dairy, Fruit, and Juice production.

These food belts are also found as original equipment in the world’s leading deboning machine manufacturers: BAADER, SepaMatic, Bibun, & Toyo.

Whatever meat deboning separator machines are used for, you can be sure to find Rainbow Rubber & Plastics machine belts! For all your fish, poultry, and meat processing needs, contact Rainbow today to arrange a Risk- Free Trial of our rubber belts in your own meat deboning machine. We can manufacture custom food belts for your business.

USDA approved Since 1987, Rainbow Deboning belts have been successfully distributed in the US under the approval of the USDA1. Based on FDA testing procedures, as detailed on Sec.177.2600, sub clause 4.4′(e) and 4.4′(f).

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