About Us

For 50 years, Rainbow Rubber & Plastics has provided high-quality, industry-specific rubber belting solutions and components for process-related manufacturing. Our partnerships with factories worldwide have maximized our belting manufacturing experience and capabilities—which helps us meet customer demand. Additionally, our expertise as a leading rubber company has led to lasting relationships within the Wire & Cable, Paper Core, Woodworking, Agriculture, and Food Processing industries. That means we can provide any custom rubber belts for meat processing equipment, carrot harvesters, extrusion machines, woodworking equipment, and more.

In 2020, our rubber company diversified our product offerings by partnering with Renova Srl. This roll pusher manufacturer provides safe and effective ways to transport reels, vehicles, and carts through a plant environment. This way, we are not only your preferred industrial belt supplier, we also accompany you throughout your journey.

Our capabilities at a glance:

Endless Rubber Belting
Endless Textile Belting
Endless Teflon Belting
Silicone Sheet Goods
Die Cutting
Injection Molding
Compression Molding
Cast Urethane
Package wrapping machine with box going through belts

Our Vision

At Rainbow Rubber & Plastics, Inc. we aim to create meaningful partnerships with our customers. Through direct customer engagement, we provide a solution-based approach to each customer’s manufacturing process and needs.

Led by our core values of communication, reliability, customer service, and technical experience, our dedicated staff works to reduce friction for our partners. From inventory management to in-plant training, we aspire to deliver exceptional products to our customers.

We achieve this by delivering creative, outside-the-box strategies which provide solutions for common manufacturing woes.

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