Other Solutions – Custom Conveyor Belts

Every year our team encounters new custom conveyor belts manufacturing opportunities. Whether the issue stems from high usage, splice failure, high heat, oil & lubricants, or premature wear, Rainbow is able to provide custom belting fabrication solutions through our endless belt technology and manufacturing capabilities.

With 50+ years of experience as a rubber conveyor belt manufacturer, Rainbow offers a range of truly endless belts and custom conveyor belt solutions. Some of our successes are featured below in a product offering across a range of industries and applications.

Our custom belts are designed to fit your production requirements. If you have special manufacturing needs, please contact Rainbow today for a personalized solution!

bowling belts

Bowling Belts – Integrally Molded rubber conveyor belts for the bowling industry. For ball lift belts on Qubica/AMF machines.
Capping Belts – Closure belts for the sealing of metal and plastic lids to glass jars. Commonly found in canning applications such as pickles, olives, or other preservatives.
Concrete Pipe Spinning – Specialty belts used to coat the interior of steel pipes with concrete. High speed, truly endless belts eliminate tracking and splice failure commonly found in this application. 
Coverplate – High wear, rigid belting used for the covering of control wires in gantry-way trenches.
Covered Timing Belts – Endless timing belts with variety of rubber cover options. Eliminates cover separation and splice failure through single-piece construction.
Endless Felts – Truly endless felt belts for the aluminum extrusion industry and other converting processes. Needled felt belts can be produced with urethane or silicone covers for products that require heat resistance or high release.
Folder Gluer Feeder Belts – Bottom rail and Side folding belts for the corrugated industry. These feed belts are used in the folding & gluing of cardboard boxes.
Slinger Belts – For material handling and loading applications. These high speed, high-wear belts are commonly used as feed belts or conveyor belts for stockpiling and loading ships of grain, fertilizer, woodchips, and sugar.
Accessory Parts & Services: Rubber covered rollers – Cast Urethane parts – Stamped Rubber gaskets – Injection Molded Rubber and Silicone components
gluer belts