Tube winder / Spiral winding Belts

Rainbow Rubber and Plastics is the leading supplier of Spiral Winding belts and tube belting manufacturer in North America. Our years of experience with tube winders and as core belts manufacturers have resulted in the highest quality rubber belts offered in the market today. Our truly endless rubber belts are perfect for seamless spiral winding belting.

With rubber compounds designed for high grip and abrasion resistance, our rubber tube belting solutions far exceeds the competition in service and life expectations. You can trust Rainbow Rubber & Plastics for high-quality membrane winders, tube belting, core belts, and rubber belt making.

Benefits of Rainbow Winding Belts include:

Rubber compounds formulated for the spiral core and tube industry delivering best possible grip and will reduce paper-dust build-up.

  • White compound available for non-marking applications.

Spiral Cord reinforcement offers excellent strength, low elongation and superior flexibility.

  • Added plied structure to eliminate cupping and ensure flat running.

Several versions are available to meet your exact requirements.
Covered edge or cut edge construction
Belts can be run on both sides
Truly Endless belts, no seam or splice.
Available in any length or width required.