Tubing Winder / Spinning Belt

Tube Belts Manufacturing

We produce high-quality spinning belts and core belts for industrial purposes such as core manufacturing. Our truly endless belts are perfect for seamless winding machine operation, inducing a higher manufacturing efficiency and less downtime for a tubing winder.

With rubber compounds designed for high grip and abrasion resistance, our rubber spinning belt solutions far exceed the competition in service and life expectations.

Available supply line throughout the USA & Canada

Several versions are available to meet your exact requirements.
Available in any length or width required.

Rainbow Rubber and Plastics is the leading supplier of spinning belt solutions and the best tubing winder manufacturer in North America.

Our years of experience with paper machine winders have resulted in the highest quality spinning belts offered in the market today. We are proud to be a leading tube belts manufacturer for paper core manufacturing and tubing winder.

When it comes to tube belt winders, you can trust Rainbow Rubber & Plastics for high-quality membrane winders, tube belting, core belts, and rubber belt making. 

How Do Tube Belts Work

Rainbow Rubber & Plastics offers natural rubber compounds that ensure long-running, anti-static, and non-marking tube belts specifically designed for the spiral winding industry and paper machine winders.

With Rainbow Rubber & Plastics’ high-quality rubber and skilled engineers, our winding belts have just the right tension and flexibility to bend paper at just the right angle for your winder machines.

Different Types of Tube Belts

We have belts for every size and application manufactured with rubber and thermoplastic compounds.

Heavy Duty Covered Edge Construction

  • Fabric Design
    • Mono Cord
    • Extremely High Tensile Strength
    • Low Elongation
  • Thickness: OAT
    • HD: 7/16”
    • Std Duty: 5/16”

Standard Duty Cut Edge Construction

  • Fabric Design
    • Kevlar Fabric
    • High Tensile Strength
    • Low Elongation
    • Very Flexible
  • Thickness: OAT
    • Std Duty: 5/16”

Consumer Duty Cut Edge Construction

  • Fabric Design
    • Mono Cord
    • High Tensile Strength
    • Small Diameter Tube
  • Thickness: OAT
    • LT Duty:3/16”

PVC Winding Belt

  • Fabric Design
    • High Tensile Strength
    • Small Diameter Tube
  • Thickness: OAT
    • Std Duty: 1/4”
    • Lt Duty: 5/32”

Having worked for over 30 years in the paper and core manufacturing industry, we know you need a reliable machinery belt manufacturer for your tubing winder.

By choosing Rainbow Rubber & Belts you benefit from:

Covered edge or cut edge construction
Belts can be run on both sides
Truly Endless belts, no seam or splice.
Largest inventory in North America
In-plant technical service available throughout North America
24-hour customer service is available
30 years of industry experience.
30-year membership CCTI /Can and Tube Institute

Benefits of Rainbow Winding Belts include:

Specific rubber designed for the spiral winding industry: excellent grip and wear with all paper grades
Corded fabric structure allows for low elongation and high tensile strength (no stretching)
Cord structure is extremely flexible and lays flat on the mandrel
Covered edge construction to protect the cord structure ( no fabric fraying)

Tube Winder Belt Applications

Our most common spinning belt applications:

  • Industrial cores
  • Consumer
  • Paper industry
    • Cardboard toilet paper rolls
    • Paper towels manufacturing etc
    • Small diameter tubes
    • Straws
Tube winder belts used in core manufacturing

Looking to improve your assembly line? We can help.

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