Woodworking Belts

Industrial Belts for Wood and Metal Fabricating

As a woodworker, you need reliable machinery and equipment that will last you a long time without breaking down. And for that, you need reliable a machine belt.

With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, Rainbow Rubber & Plastics has refined its offer to supply only the best woodworking belts for its clients.

That means we are able to supply the best wide sanding belts for woodworking, durable feed belts, wood conveyor belts, custom sanding belts, and many other types of machine belts made thanks to our cutting-edge technology.

So what makes our woodworking belts so special and what types would fit your business best? Learn more about our different types of machine belts.

Wood Sanding Belts

Our wide belt sander belts are designed for conveying and feeding on woodworking belt sanders, brushing, or wood planing equipment. Rainbow’s wide sanding belts use natural rubber compounds that ensure the board does not slip or pull, avoiding damaged products and helping to prevent operating hazards. Our expertise enables us to supply the best sanding belts for woodworking in the market.

Our wood sanding belts can commonly be found in wide belt sander machines, but also to manufacture:

  • Hardwood Floors
  • Cabinetry
  • Finishing
  • Edgebanding
Common Machines for Wide Sander Belts

Costa – Delle Vedove – DMC – Timesaver – SCM – Fladder – Homag – Biesse – SandingMaster – Wide Belt Sander

Edgebanding Belts (Endless V-Belts)

Our truly endless v-belts for edge banding and squaring machines used in the woodworking industry. These rubber belts are resilient and can assure wood processing without deformation. Rainbow has been a supplier of these industrial V belts to woodworking equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket for over 40 years.

Advantages of V belts
  • Single Piece Construction
  • Integrally Molded V-Guides
  • Flexible to round small pulleys
Common Models For This Application:

Homag – Friulmac – IMA – Tagliabue – Costa – SCM

Accessory Items for Woodworking Industry

Chevron Belts – Pressure belts for Sanding & Calibrating machines. Endless belts are fitted with either diagonal or chevron felt strips.
Veneer Slicing Belts – Feed belts used for production of veneer, flooring, and wooden laminates. Most commonly found on Marunaka machines. Most commonly found on Marunaka, Fezer and Amitec machines.
Edge and Profile Sanding Belts – Integrally molded v-guide belts for use on Delle Vedove and Makor machines.