Can Power Pushers Improve Plant Efficiency?

Transporting heavy materials around a warehouse is no easy task. Between safety concerns and forklift constraints, moving reels and other large objects can put a damper on your plant efficiency. However, there’s no need for your employees to struggle with heavy loads when you can use powered pushers. 

How do they work and are they worth it? Here’s everything you need to know about power pushers.

Advantages of Moviroll Powered Pushers 

Moviroll is a versatile forklift alternative that can be used for a number of different applications. The biggest advantage of using Moviroll power pushers is the ability to push and pull thousands of pounds without risk of injury or decreased productivity.

Also known as an easy mover, Moviroll power pushers propel plant productivity in the right direction. Ensure that work gets done safely and efficiently with a product that can:

  • Provide an alternative to bulky forklifts
  • Eliminate effort for the operator
  • Handle a thrust force of up to 200 tons

How Moviroll Powered Pushers Work

Powered pushers are small but mighty movers. These pushers are battery-powered and use thrust force to move objects that weigh thousands of pounds. 

After immobilizing the material or object, the operator can either push or pull it in the direction of travel. Instead of multiple operators, a Moviroll powered pusher needs just one operator to effectively move heavy objects. 

Powered Pusher Applications

Automotive Industry

Moviroll vehicle pushers are ideal for car dealerships, service centers, and those who frequently move heavy vehicles. An automotive power pusher eliminates the need for multiple people on a job. Instead of using five or six employees, one operator can effortlessly move a 10,000-pound vehicle thanks to these car pushers.

Paper Roll Industry

Moviroll paper roll mover

Paper rolls and cable reels are notoriously difficult to move due to their awkward cylindrical shapes. Plus, moving these massive rolls can be dangerous to the operator. A Moviroll paper roll pusher makes moving paper rolls and cable reels easy. No need for overhead cranes, forklifts, or clamp trucks with this paper roll mover.

Manufacturing & Warehousing

Warehouses across the country love to use Moviroll powered pushers. Moviroll has proven itself as a safe and cost-effective alternative to bulky machinery like forklifts. Forklifts can slow down operations, whereas Moviroll powered pushers can navigate through narrow spaces without the need for any special license, making them a great forklift alternative.  

Improve Your Plant Efficiency With Moviroll 

Save time, increase safety, and improve the way you roll with a Moviroll power pusher from Rainbow Rubber and Plastics. With performance proven superior to other brands, Renova’s Moviroll is the clear choice for warehouse workers and plant employees nationwide. Contact Rainbow Rubber and Plastics to schedule an in-plant demonstration today.


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