Moviroll Car Pusher & Electric Roll Mover

Electric Car Pusher Alternatives

Complimenting our range of rubber belting products, Rainbow is pleased to partner with Renova SRL as the exclusive powered pusher distributor in North America.

If you are looking for a forklift alternative, Renova’s battery-driven powered pushers are reliable tugging equipment and offer the advantage of easy movement without the constraints of pneumatic hoses or electrical cables.

Compact yet heavy-duty, this electric car pusher and roll mover is a great forklift alternative providing up to 50 tons of torque. You can truly use it to move anything! Saving time and reducing risks associated with workplace injuries thanks to safe tugging equipment.

Moviroll-powered pushers can be used as a moving cart, vehicle pusher, paper roll mover, drum pusher, and much more.

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Renova Roll Pusher comes fully equipped with a range of features designed for efficiency and ease of use. It includes variable speed options allowing for precise control according to the task requirements.

The units are fitted with both forward and reverse gears, enhancing maneuverability and versatility in various working environments. For maintenance and troubleshooting, a diagnostic LED provides immediate operational feedback, while a battery status LED ensures operators are always aware of the power levels.

Additionally, oversized wheels facilitate smooth movement over different surfaces. Various handle configurations are also available, offering customization to meet specific user preferences and operational needs.


Rapid battery recharge (max. 4 hours)
Up to 120 reel moves with only one battery charge (3-5 shifts)
Long life battery (about 500 recharges)
Eco-friendly and plug & play battery
Reel capacities up to 50 tons.
Maintenance free

  • 2 year warranty on battery and motor components

moviroll tugging equipment

Advantages of Using a Car Pusher

Conserve battery life without the need to disconnect the battery.

Designed to navigate obstacles effortlessly.

Customizable to meet various operator requirements.


Quickly check when the battery requires recharging.

Enables straightforward removal of the roller and roller bearings.

Features two distinct and user-friendly buttons protected against dirt, dust, and moisture.

Our Roll Movers in Action – Videos

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Movicart – Battery Driven Cart Mover

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Frequently Asked Questions About Moviroll Car Pushers

What is the Moviroll Car Pusher and how does it serve as a forklift alternative?

The Moviroll Car Pusher, partnered with Renova SRL, is an electrically powered pusher that serves as an effective alternative to traditional forklifts. It offers the flexibility of easy movement without the limitations of pneumatic hoses or electrical cables, making it ideal for various industrial applications.

What are the key features of the Renova Roll Pusher?

The Renova Roll Pusher is equipped with variable speed options for precise control, forward and reverse gears for enhanced maneuverability, a diagnostic LED for operational feedback, and a battery status LED to monitor power levels. It also features oversized wheels for easy navigation and various handle configurations for customized use.

What applications can Moviroll-powered pushers be used for?

Moviroll-powered pushers are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications, including as a moving cart, vehicle pusher, paper roll mover, drum pusher, and more. They are designed to handle tasks across different industries efficiently.

What are the benefits of using Moviroll Car Pushers in the workplace?

The benefits of using Moviroll Car Pushers in the workplace offer significant advantages such as time savings and reduced risk of workplace injuries. These devices provide safe and efficient movement of heavy loads, enhancing operational efficiency.

How does the performance of Renova Reel Movers compare to other brands?

Renova Reel Movers are known for their superior performance, featuring rapid battery recharges (max. 4 hours), the ability to perform up to 120 reel moves on a single battery charge, and a long-lasting battery life of about 500 recharges. They are also eco-friendly and come with maintenance-free operation.

What warranty and maintenance options are available with Moviroll Car Pushers?

Moviroll Car Pushers come with a 2-year warranty on battery and motor components, emphasizing their durability and reliability. They are designed to be maintenance-free, providing long-term value without additional costs.