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Our top-notch airport conveyor belts are crafted to keep luggage moving swiftly, ensuring a seamless journey from check-in to baggage claim, significantly enhancing passenger satisfaction.

Avoid the hassles of delayed travelers, missed connections, and the disappointment of long waits. Experience the benefits of a streamlined system that minimizes delays and maximizes efficiency.

Request a free quote today and steer clear of the frustration that comes with less efficient systems. Discover how our advanced solutions can transform your airport operations.

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Rainbow Rubber is proud to offer LiftGrip Conveyor Belt

Rainbow’s LiftGrip rubber block chain offers the following benefits for airport conveyor belts:

Truly Endless Construction
True-running (no walking belts!)
Less Noise
Maintenance-free (no lubrication needed)
Corrosion resistant
No need of re-tensioning
FDA Compounds Available for Food Industry

Most commonly found in:

Baggage Handling
Bulk Material Handling
Parcel Handling
airport conveyor belt parts

High Quality and Convenient Belts

High Load Capacity – Our liftgrip conveyor belts are designed to handle a large weight capacity, including baggage and materials of various shapes and sizes.
Durability – Rainbow Rubber & Plastics’ conveyor belts are highly durable and are virtually maintenance-free. Our belts can run without problems at a near-continuous rate, increasing productivity.
Resistance to Abrasion and Wear – Our belts are designed with bolted construction, and guiding profiles are five times stronger than traditional belt beadings, reducing maintenance and downtime.
Flexibility – Our belting technology provides exceptional flexibility, sporting a self-supporting framework. Mounting options are varied, offering custom solutions for your application.
Traction to Avoid Luggage From Falling – Losing luggage can turn into a nightmare. Our cleated belts prevent luggage from shifting and falling during transit, keeping passengers’ belongings safe from check-in to take-off.
Low Noise – Our conveyor belts operate with little to no sound, operating quietly and efficiently at high speeds.

Airport Conveyor Belts Frequently Asked Questions

LiftGrip Belts

What are the benefits of LiftGrip Airport Conveyor Belts from Rainbow Rubber?

Our LiftGrip Airport Conveyor Belts offer a range of benefits including truly endless construction, true-running without deviation, reduced noise levels, maintenance-free operation (no lubrication needed), vibration-free performance, corrosion resistance, and no need for re-tensioning. We also offer FDA-approved compounds for the food industry.

Why is LiftGrip important for airport baggage handling?

LiftGrip Airport Conveyor Belts are crucial for efficient baggage handling. They ensure fast and smooth movement of luggage to minimize passenger wait times at baggage claim areas, helping airports keep operations swift without problems and reducing stress for travelers.

What features do LiftGrip conveyor belts have to handle high loads and ensure safety?

LiftGrip belts are designed with high load capacity to handle baggage and materials of various shapes and sizes. They feature exceptional durability, abrasion, and wear resistance, and traction to prevent luggage from falling. These belts are also flexible, support varied mounting options, and operate quietly even at high speeds.