Airport Conveyor Belts

Airport Conveyor Belts

Every day, airports and distribution centers move thousands of people, bags, and products. Without the use of properly functioning baggage conveyor belts, operations would come to a halt.

To keep society and business operations moving forward, Rainbow Rubber & Plastics provides an array of airport conveyor belt solutions to help meet the demands of the aviation and distribution industry.

When you are looking for a durable solution, you can count on our innovative airport conveyor belt manufacturing processes. Our rubber manufacturing expertise makes us an ideal partner for airport belt loaders. We can effectively help you reduce downtime and boost productivity. Contact us now to learn more about our solutions.

Types of Airport Conveyor Belts

Baggage claims can be as stressful as a TSA line. Passengers have places to be and people to see—and they don’t want to wait more than 30 minutes for their bags. With this in mind, airport baggage conveyor belts must move quickly without any hiccups to get passengers on their way.

Below are the four types of airport belt loaders we offer at Rainbow Rubber & Plastics:

Liftgrip Conveyor Belts

Our most popular conveyor belt. Liftgrips are a type of vertical conveyor belt designed to safely grip and move luggage between floors. For example, once a passenger has checked a bag, it’s our Liftgrip’s job to transport baggage to the sorting office. Liftgrip conveyor belts are manufactured with our smooth, abrasive-resistant block chain. These lifts are by far the most important belts we offer for the airline industry and transport hundreds of bags a day.

Baggage Conveyor Belts

Baggage conveyor belts are designed to transport airport baggage without fail. These travel belts for luggage must integrate seamlessly with the airport’s checking and handling equipment and systems. If a baggage handling belt breaks down, passengers risk missing their flight, or their baggage may not make it on the plane.

Inclined Belts

Inclined conveyor belts are used to move baggage and products to a higher elevation. These conveyor belts are commonly used in airports as a way to move baggage to and from aircraft.

Cleated Belts

Cleated conveyor belts are often seen in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, and airports. The cleats on a cleated conveyor belt act as a barrier between products, protecting them from shifting as the belt moves at an incline or decline.

bag on airport conveyor
High Load Capacity – Our airport conveyor belts are designed to handle a large weight capacity, including baggage and materials of various shapes and sizes.
Flexibility – Our belting technology provides exceptional flexibility, sporting a self-supporting framework. Mounting options are varied, offering custom solutions for your application.
Durability – Rainbow Rubber & Plastics’ conveyor belts are highly durable and are virtually maintenance-free. Our airport belts can run at a near-continuous rate, increasing productivity.
Resistance to Abrasion and Wear – Our airport belts are designed with bolted construction, and guiding profiles are five times stronger than traditional belt beadings, reducing maintenance and downtime.
Traction to Avoid Luggage From Falling – Losing luggage can turn into a nightmare. Our cleated belts prevent luggage from shifting and falling during transit, keeping passengers’ belongings safe from check-in to take-off.
Low Noise – Our airport conveyor belts operate with little to no sound, operating quietly and efficiently at high speeds.

Why Choose Rainbow Rubber & Plastics?

Rainbow Rubber & Plastics has been providing industry-specific belting solutions in North America for more than 50 years. Our expertise as the country’s leading rubber and industrial belt manufacturer has opened up lasting relationships with various industries, including aviation.

Get a customized rubber conveyor belt solution for your airport or distribution center and contact us for a quote.