Paper Core Manufacturing Optimization – Main Issues & Solutions

The right belting solution is essential in eliminating unplanned downtime, prioritizing worker safety, and improving efficiency in the core manufacturing industry. Keep reading to see how the belts that Rainbow Rubber & Plastics offers can aid in the core manufacturing optimization process.

About the Core Manufacturing Industry

Paper cores manufactures using paper winder machines

Paper tubes and cores custom-designed for each customer allow precision for every project. These products are made with high-quality, sustainable materials using the industry’s most efficient manufacturing methods. With various sizes available across the market for various applications across, paper tubes and cores are extremely versatile.

The core manufacturing industry is constantly looking for quality improvement in order to deliver better products, faster, and cheaper. 

While continuous improvement is one of its main goals, the core manufacturing industry faces many challenges.

3 Common Issues Found in the Core Manufacturing Process

1. Unplanned Downtime

The primary cause of unplanned downtime is equipment failure. When machines malfunction or break down, you waste valuable time and money. The key to eliminating unplanned downtime is investing in reliable equipment from a reliable manufacturer, like Rainbow Rubber & Plastics. Not only do our spiral winding belts offer reliable operation during the core manufacturing process, but our team also provides the technical support you need when equipment fails.

Another way you can minimize unplanned downtime is by implementing lean manufacturing. This strategy aims to minimize waste, maximize productivity, and lower operating costs by eliminating anything that doesn’t add value. We also recommend performing routine maintenance on all manufacturing equipment to avoid malfunctions and breakdowns that result in unplanned downtime.

2. Worker Safety

Using low-quality or the wrong type of industrial belts for your tube winder can put workers at risk of sustaining injuries. After 50 years in the industrial belting industry, Rainbow Rubber & Plastics produces belts that are safe and effective for all manufacturing applications including paper winder machines.

Additional ways to prioritize worker safety include enhancing air quality in your workplace, investing in more personal protective equipment (PPE), and updating workplace design to eliminate bottlenecks. Abide by all OSHA requirements, and implement continuous quality improvement. The National Library of Medicine defines continuous improvement as a progressive, incremental improvement of processes, safety, and care that aims to minimize worker risks.

3. Efficiency

Companies throughout the core manufacturing industry are well aware of their process inefficiencies, most of which can be improved with the right belting solutions. Don’t cut corners or sacrifice product quality to save a few bucks. The best way to lower operating costs is to enhance manufacturing efficiency. You can do this by optimizing processes, reducing wasted time and resources, and updating equipment—like your industrial belts. Continuous quality improvement helps manufacturers eliminate inefficiencies by enabling them to identify their root causes and set goals to improve them.

Manufacturing Optimization With Tubewinding Belts

paper core manufacturing using a paper winder machine

The paper core industry heavily relies on machinery belts for the efficient and seamless production of paper cores. Proper tube belts play a crucial role in manufacturing optimization by enhancing the speed and accuracy of winder machines during the production process. They help minimize tube winder downtime and increase productivity by reducing the occurrence of machine breakdowns and maintenance requirements.

Additionally, tube belts and machinery belts designed specifically for the paper core industry can withstand high temperatures and pressures, ensuring long-lasting durability and efficiency.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when working with spiral-winding machines:

  • By producing fewer errors and less unplanned downtime during the tube manufacturing process, endless tube belts are more efficient for winder machines than other types of tube winder.
  • Custom belting solutions allow you to expand the range of products you can offer your customers to truly optimize the production process.
  • The reliable technical support we provide customers enables you to customize your belting solutions and better strides towards manufacturing optimization.
  • Tube winder belts are adaptable to material thickness and material type, allowing them to provide the best grip and the best results.

By investing in high-quality machinery belts, manufacturers can significantly improve their operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase their overall competitiveness in the market.

The Trusted Name in Industrial Belting Solutions

Rainbow Rubber & Plastics has the premium belts you need to optimize your manufacturing process and enhance efficiency from start to finish. Click the button below to find the right belts for all your manufacturing needs and get started on process optimization.

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